Introducing Comes

Welcome to our blog ! This is not an official launch of our project, but more an introduction to the concept ...

Introducing Comes

Welcome to our Blog! It is not an official launch of our project, but more an introduction to the concept of Let us introduce you to our Team, App, and Blog!

The team

I expect the team to grow soon, but for now, it's me :).

My name is Pierre Brisorgueil, an engineer passionate about management and innovation with interest in IT. The impact of the user experience on customers is at the heart of my concerns.

Also, I love sharing my knowledge through open-source and blogs, something I have been doing since I was 14.

As for my career, I completed a double degree, Business-Engineer, in France. Subsequently, I carried out various positions within a bank before becoming the Manager of a team dedicated to Big Data visualization (Linkedin). On my side, I carried out various personal projects (blogs/websites/communities) and professional ones, thanks to a self-entrepreneur status in parallel to my job.

I am a fan of nature for a more personal aspect, having grown up outside the cities, passionate about board sports, skiing, surfing, kite, bodyboarding, mountain biking, and skateboarding.

What is Comes?

Like a travel agency for your weekends and hobbies, we will monitor your perfect conditions and alert you when all is ok. Never miss wonderful moments again, from family or discovery weekends to perfect days for surfing, golfing, fishing ...

Our goal is to save you time and therefore maximize the enjoyment of your life. Everything is tailor-made for your needs, configured by yourself at a lower cost.

To be more concrete: imagine a surfer living in a large city, such as Paris, France. With our app, he could request, on a Monday, to be alerted if, on his favorite spot, the weather (direction/height/period of the waves, rain, wind...) are suitable for the upcoming weekend, but also if the cost of the train tickets will match his budget.

We hope to add more possibilities quickly.

To make the app the easiest to use, we are focused on the quality of the user experience and our alerts' intelligence. We give maximum consideration to the efficiency of the service to reach a minimum price.

We are also extremely concerned about protecting your data and reducing our carbon footprint. And these are not just keywords. We care and have felt concerned since day one.

From a more technical point of view, we try to take part as much as possible in open source thanks to We Are Open Source.

What is this Blog?

We will divide this Blog into three parts :

  • News about our app (updates, new features...),
  • Our entrepreneurial adventure (for the most curious...)
  • Our users' feedback and presentations (we hope to speak about you)