Time to Beta !

It’s the Beta time! But what is the beta? πŸ™ƒ. I promise you, this is probably our last article starting ...

Time to Beta !

It's Beta time! But what is the Beta? πŸ™ƒ. I promise you, this is probably our last article starting like this. After an Alpha version, then a Beta, it's the launch.

Beta is the second letter of the Greek alphabet, just before Gamma. We also use this term to denote an unfinished version of an application. The Beta version allows you to test a project on end-users selected. We, therefore, leave the dimension of tests only by developers.

We are going to Beta! 🍾🍾🍾

We have coded the latest features of the application and completed the first version of the site. It will now be installed on several phones during several waves. Usually, it is family, friends, and potential users experienced in the subject you are addressing.

This beta phase consists of a few objectives. We are already monitoring different conditions for different hobbies/weekends and alert users when all are met. The goal is to verify the scaling of our system. But also observe and catch users' misunderstandings to improve your experience at the launch of the project. It is also an opportunity to rework our administration interface and our communication with our test users. The more responsive we are with them, the more we squeeze it with you at launch. It is, therefore, time to set up some tools/processes and refine our work. Finally, we adjust all our work, everything that has a link with the application's effectiveness, performance, and process... It's this efficiency that will allow us a minimum price and a minimum carbon impact.

All of this, without forgetting to improve our security. But that's a perpetual stain.

PS : Here is a little glimpse of what it can give 😱