It’s the Alpha time! But what is the Alpha? 🙃

Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. We also use this term to denote an unfinished version of an application. The Alpha version allows you to test an unfinished project to detect significant problems quickly.

We are going to Alpha !

The iPhone version of the app is running fine. We’ll install it on a few phones and start tests. It will allow us to refine the work done so far and deliver the most finished product possible. Now is the time to code the latest features and polish the interface while fixing the issues that alpha users bring up to us in parallel.

For the more technical, everything is in place :

  • Databases
  • Severs
  • Application & Web
  • DevOps & Scalability

And all this on several environments, dev, prod ...

The next steps will be the beta, before a post-production release available by invitation to test scaling up for global launch.

We are almost there! Hope we will get back to you soon! 👋