Privacy policy

Privacy policy



The general European data protection regulation (GDPR) entered into force on May 25, 2018. This text created new obligations for companies that process personal data and new rights for the people affected by these treatments, in particular the right to be forgotten and the right to data portability.

We are in a constant process of compliance with the GDPR. From the start of our activities, we, therefore, attach the greatest importance to protecting personal data. Among the measures implemented to comply with the GDPR:

  • Implementing a personal data security approach to reduce as much as possible the risks of a data breach and implementing a client information protocol in the event of such an event.
  • Recovery, storage, and use of a minimum of data for the proper functioning and use of our services.
  • Setting up when deleting your account, deleting all of your data.
  • Implementing an automatic sending of your data by email if you wish to recover them.

Cookies policy

A cookie is a text file stored for a limited period on your computer, tablet, smartphone ... which allows you to navigate on our Site and or the Application. Cookies make it possible to recognize you, to remember certain information relating to your preferences or your journey on our Site or our Application.

By whom are cookies placed?

Cookies are placed by us or by third parties.

How are Cookies used on our services?

According to the GDPR, there are 4 kinds of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies: These are most often session cookies, which only last for the time of the user’s visit to your site, for authentication ...
  • Preference cookies: that remember user preferences
  • Statistical cookies which most often come from third-party services such as analysis software that you put in place on your website.
  • Marketing cookies which almost always come from third-party technology or advertising companies for advertising to users

In our case, we only use cookies necessary for your authentication, by our principles on Data Privacy. This is the minimum while remaining GDPR compliant.

How long do we keep your cookies?

We keep your cookies for a maximum of 12 months before being destroyed.

You can deactivate cookies at any time using our cookie management tool or delete them by modifying your browser settings.

However, we would like to remind you that the setting of cookies is likely to modify your conditions of access to our Services and your browsing comfort.